Friday, July 28

Shaboom, shaboom, and it's time to go!

El presidente Boosh might make his way down to the RGV next week. It'll be his first visit since becoming President. He was all about Hispandering back when he was governor, but he's been MIA ever since. My cousin hinted that he had three passes to the secret location, then said they were $1500 a pop. I want in. Will I cause a disruption? Nope. Will I wear my anti-Bush pin? Nope. Will I turn my back to him when he speaks? Nope. Will I curse him in my mind? Who wouldn't? Here's to hoping there really isn't a modern day version of Orwellian Thought Police! (thinkpol in Newspeak) Here's to me being part of POTUS's captive audience!
Any opportunity to see your President should not be lost. He may not be the guy you voted for, but he's the fucking Decider, y'all!
Governor Rick Goodhair Perry was at the Cimmarron Country Club in Mission a couple of days ago for an "Important Announcement."
The good news? The mayors from Mission, McAllen, Harlingen, Hidalgo, Donna, Pharr, Palmhurst, Rio Grande City, Progreso, Edcouch, La Villa and Elsa have all pledged to support Perry in the upcoming gubernatorial race against Carole Keaton Strayhorn, Chris Bell & Kinky Friedman.
Pardon my esperanto, but...Nice. Job. Assholes. (For some reason, I can't get Janet Jackson's What Have You Done For Me Lately? out of my head.)
The Texas Republican convention took place in June, right? Does anyone remember Party chair Tina Benkiser telling delegates that immigrants should learn English and embrace American values? **Editors note-American values trump those of any other country** She also said that "amnesty" for immigrants "is simply another word for surrender."
Perry's director of homeland security, Steve McCraw, described the influx of illegal immigrants as a "tsunami" that could include "an army of jihadists."
These guys are clowns, sucking up to a two-bit governor that hasn't done shit for the RGV. Love him or hate him, at least the mayor of Edinburg isn't on the list.

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