Wednesday, July 26

Long live Brion Gysin

The current ‘round-the-clock, in-your-FACE war reporting on all of the cable news networks are really starting to annoy me now. When’s the last time AC360 or Wolf Blitzer reported from the front lines of the Iraq occupation? Sure, a handful of thoughtful of people that get their news ONLY from the teevee can see past the look-over-here-and-not-over-there crap, but a lot of regular people just don’t have the time. When’s the last time we got a casualty report from Iraq? The current administration yammers on and on about how fucking great everything’s going there, what with the new democracy and all those bullshit elections, but I’m still waiting to see Anderson Cooper's pretty face next to John King’s gorgeous nose somewhere in the fabulous Green Zone. Argghhh. Bloggers blogging about meta is like…sooo meta, right? That being said, Chris Bowers from MyDD posted a fantastic Death by Meta entry tackling the harsh reality of Why People Don’t Think Democrats Believe What They Say. It’s sad but true: DLC-type Dems have the nasty habit of prefacing everything they say with the fact that they're saying it for the sole purpose of winning elections. Republicans win elections because they stick to their ideological guns no matter how wrong/racist/ridiculous those guns might be. They don’t TALK about winning elections…they just go out and do it. Telling audiences that your ideas exist ONLY to win elections is self-defeating. There’s nothing wrong with talking shop, but it’s pretty ridiculous to do it in front of audiences wanting to hear what your party stands for.

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