Tuesday, July 18

Juvenalia - v 3.2

Every so often I absolutely have to point out how much of an asshole *INSERT PROMINENT REPUBLICAN HERE* is. This week's asshole is Tony Snow. After being asked about the Senate's 63-37 vote in favor of federal funding of embryonic stem cell research (and the President's promised veto), Tony responded inna-Bush-stylee: "The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong..." Also, in a particularly contentious exchange with Helen Thomas, he thanked her for "[her] Hezbollah view" after she asked about the bombardment of Lebanon. President Bush vetoed the Senate's decision, making it his first veto in his entire presidency. Though he didn't allow cameras into the Oval Office for the veto, he spoke briefly afterwards with the usual human-beings-as-props as a backdrop. I must say it was refreshing, as we always see him in front of battle-hardened troops that weren't able to get out of fighting because of their name.
Thursday = Pet-sitting...house-sitting
I love it. Come over for a cuppa.

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Edinburg Proud said...

Just found out today you were pet and house sitting. The pets looked a little hung over on Sat..Carle is not herself anymore.