Thursday, August 3

Will he wear the poncho?

Today's the big day and much to my dismay, I wont be able to attend President Bush's latest immigration pitch at Anzalduas Park in Mission. According to The Monitor, POTUS will be introduced by Governor Goodhair before speaking to a "limited audience." Limited, as in, sycophantic Latinos in the Alberto Gonzalez kinda way, and wealthy, white donors from the RGV: Mr. Joe La Mantia, Jr. Partner L. & F. Distributors, Ltd. RNC $25,000 Mr. Greg La Mantia Partner L. & F. Distributors, Ltd. RNC $25,000 Mr. Nicholas T Serafy, Jr. Bioanalyst Proficiency Testing RNC $25,000 Mr. Nicholas T. Serafy Bioanalyst Proficiency Testing RNC $7,500 Mr. Fausto Yturria Investor Self-Employed RNC $25,000 Mr. James D Zellerbach, Jr. Retired RNC $5,500 Needless to say, I'm disappointed. It was my chance to see the man in action, the leader of the free world, the oratory genius with degrees from Yale and Harvard. Alas, no Boosh for Denise. There were rumors he was going to visit the new detention center in Raymondville. If that's the case, I hope the motorcade passes Chorizoland. Maybe he'll stop by for a taco.

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