Monday, February 6

Please, oh please call Ashcroft to testify...

...and when I say "testify," I mean: to express or declare a strong belief, especially to make a declaration of faith. That being said, I hope he douses his seat with the oil of a thousand baby seals before he takes the oath. Abu Gonzales sounds especially condescending this morning. I hope the rest of the Republicans on this committee have Specter-sized balls. Unfortunately, I foresee a smarmy, grinning Cornyn to lob softballs at the shiny, pockmarked Gonzales. Le sigh... He really does bring shame to the decent brown folk (like Bill Richardson and myself) out there.
Oh how I wish these two still looked this hot. It would make all of their illegalities seem bearable. Keep the teeny-tiny C-SPAN feed on your desktop this morning. Dance Bush-monkey, DANCE!

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