Wednesday, February 1

Gag me with the Constitution

I lost $30.oo on the State of the Union last night. I totally should have bet over on the standing ovation count. I forgot how much stand-up/sit-down bullshit really goes on. Ah well...I have another $30.00 riding on some college basketball game tonight. I forget which teams, but the pot stands at over 1K for the winner. There wasn't really anything inspiring or revolutionary about this year's speech. He did say we were "addicted to oil," but that phrase was floating around the internet hours before he stepped up to the podium. The internet has succeeded in removing any element of surprise from huge speeches like the SOTU. Unfortunately, so has this President. Chirsty Harvey & crew hosted a post-SOTU wrap-up with: John from Americablog, ReddHedd from Firedoglake, Bill from Liberal Oasis and Sean from the Agonist. You can listen to it HERE, courtesy of Think Progress. It's a nice finish to Sam Seder's program from last night. In other news :
- AP January 31st

**Army Moves Soldiers During Gay Porn Probe - AP January 31st

**NASCAR, Harlequin Gear Up for Love Stories - USA Today Febraury 1st

...and, from the You're-Fucking'Kidding-Me files:

**Gallup: Very High Number 'Proud to be An American' - E&P January 31st

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monski said...

I'm sad to admit I didn't bother to watch it. I did, however, watch the news afterwards and got a laugh out of a reporter saying it was "Just a cut and paste of all of his other speeches."

Where ya at these days?