Monday, February 6


Why didn't Specter allow Abu Gonzales, the U.S. Torture Czar to be sworn in for today's hearing? Also, why can't the rest of the committee watch videos of Bush and Gonzales misleading Congress and the public about their domestic spying program? Why do the Republicans always sound like these types of hearings are nothing but a waste of time? How do they manage to wipe the shit off of their faces (without getting caught on camera) after "questioning" the Attorney General? And finally...why is Abu Mousab al-Gonzales so fuckin' shiny? this too much of a stretch? Chuck Grassley v. Mick Jagger??!'s too much. Sorry about that. No. Resemblance. Whatsoever.

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gash26 said...

They're robotically enhanced Cyber-Goats I tell you!!!