Thursday, November 17

News about nothin'

Nothing too F-A-G-G-Y Ryan Seacrest-"You're bow's tiny, mine is huge." Anderson Cooper-"I've heard that often."
Then, Mr. 360 goes on about "taking a pounding," and "manhunts," making him the gayest gay in cable news since Geraldo... Ok, so no one smokes as much pole as Geraldo, but back to the story at hand.. When the camera cuts back to the split screen, Ryan has his hand on his chin while he tells Anderson how great the show is. Cooper manages to giggle out a thanks, and it's all over. See the video HERE (Thanks to The Malcontent) Substance later.

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gash26 said...

Ok Geraldo might have been gay, bud dude his mustache put Tom Selleck’s to shame…