Wednesday, November 16

Floaty Bits in my Chowder

*An unidentified WH source is predicting Scott McClellan will soon be stepping down from his post as press secretary. I nominate Butterstick. *In other news, a couple of xXcoreXx rockers that call themselves the Right Brothers have just released their brand NEW (nu?) single, non-ironically titled: "Bush Was Right." Keith Olbermann had a hilarious piece on his show last night. See the video HERE. (Clip courtesy of Crooks and Liars) *If you head over to Rush Limbaugh's site, you have the opportunity to help out our brave men and women in the armed forces by adopting a soldier. She/he will recieve a care package with toiletries, snacks, and a phone card to call his family back in the states. Scratch that. After giving Rush $49.95, he'll allow one soldier "unfettered access to Rush 24/7 online as well as every big, colorful issue of The Limbaugh Letter." Are you excited yet?!?! So long as our boys get 24 hour access to everyone's favorite drug-addled gasbag, it's coo' with me.

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