Thursday, December 1

Progress Reports

With the exception of this...

"The Gospels repeatedly show that Jesus loved, touched, and cared for lepers — the diseased outcasts of his day. Today's 'lepers' are those who have HIV/AIDS."

...I think the evangelical community is taking some noteworthy babysteps into the world of AIDS activism. In the article, Harry Knox of the HRC "welcomed the outreach, as long as it wasn't judgemental." Right on.

And now...the Douchebags of Liberty...Holiday Edition!!! (thanks to Media Matters and Think Progress)
--Olbermann gives O'Reilly bronze, silver, and gold medals for "Worst Person in the World" --Limbaugh on kidnapping of peace activists in Iraq: "I'm telling you, folks, there's a part of me that likes this" --CNN adopts GOP "cut and run" line to describe Democratic proposals And the winner, and reigning champ:

--President George W. Bush LIED in Speech Yesterday About Iraqi Security Forces

No shit.

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