Wednesday, December 15

"These soldiers deserve a better defense secretary than the one we have."

That's what Bill Kristol said in his op/ed today in the WaPo. It's like the Lord of the Flies over in the pitched army-tent of the Republican party. Surprisingly enough, I remember some of the main themes from the book:

  • If power isn't earned, people WILL abuse it.
  • One can cover up his/her inner monster for only so long before it comes out and bites EVERYONE ELSE in the ass.
  • If given the chance, people will often seek to degrade those that are weaker in order to improve their own security.
  • Fear of the unknown will either lead you to insightful problem-solving, OR straight-up hysteria.

So there ya go. When left to their own devics, people in power will eventually resort of brutal barbarism, incoherent decision-making, and savagery. Everything's going to shit, and Piggy is nowhere to be found. We need his specs to re-ignite the fires of national integrity.

I'll say it again...Moral majority, my ass.

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