Tuesday, December 14

Kerik Is The New Peterson, Y'all

You'd think ol' Bernie Kerik murdered his wife or something. Drudge has one of his splishy-splashy 'developing' stories at the top of his page right now (8:49 GMT). The headline?
KERIK LOVE NEST FACED GROUND ZERO PIT Tomorrow, we're to read that Kerik and Judith Regan had dirty, dirty sex in an apartment that was FACING GROUND ZERO. It was donated for use by exhausted police officers and volunteer rescue workers during the aftermath of the attack.
He's out. It's a no-go. Alberto Gonzalez didn't vet him like he was supposed to, and Bernie decided to drop out of contention. Big deal. It's not like there's anything else to talk about these days...
Meanwhile, over in Fraudulentelectionville, I'm slowly starting to believe that Ohio really is the true location of The Hellmouth.
  • In Cleveland, poorly trained poll workers apparently gave faulty instructions to voters that led to the disqualification of thousands of provisional ballots and misdirected several hundred votes to third-party candidates. In Youngstown, 25 electronic machines transferred an unknown number of votes for Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) to the Bush column.
  • In Toledo, Dayton, Columbus and Akron, and on the campuses at Ohio State and Kenyon, long lines formed on Election Day, and hundreds of voters stood in the rain for hours. In Columbus, Sarah Locke, 54, drove to vote with her daughter and her parents at a church in the predominantly black southeast. It was jammed. Old women leaned heavily on walkers, and some people walked out, complaining that bosses would not excuse their lateness. "It was really demeaning," Locke said. "I never remembered it being this bad."

You all know there's much, MUCH more. Read the article.

Oh yeah, Bev Harris, of BlackBoxVoting.org was finally reached by the people over at The Randi Rhodes Show, and she made me really nervous during her conversation with Randi. She was vague about where OUR money was going, and parts of it was just her babbling about IP addresses and source tags for voting machines. It was a messy, messy situation, and I don't know how to feel about it.

She could be telling the truth. She could be keeping quiet about the lawsuits she's been involved in regarding matters in Florida. ...or she could be using the money we all donated to further her documentarian career.

The people over at BBV have a statement up on the site right now, denouncing "certain message boards," and Keith Olbermann's claims that she's being uncooperative. Towards the end, they also made this little announcement:

The six-member Board of Directors of Black Box Voting has unanimously voted to terminate the employment of Associate Director Andy Stephenson, for:

- Repeatedly lying to various members of the board of directors

- Misrepresenting results of investigations

- Mishandling telephone communications and with holding information

- Temper tantrums and hanging up on members of the organization

- Outburst at the Florida Supervisor of Elections meeting, offending public officials

- Failing to assist, show up, or even call while Kathleen Wynne and Bev Harris repeatedly reached him to request assistance when they were accosted by Volusia County police

Shameful, really. She's keeping quiet about everything else right now, you'd think she'd shut her mouth regarding the particulars of Mr. Stephenson. His sister just died...


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