Wednesday, December 15

And the winner is...Cynthia Nixon?

According to a certain newsie's website, Chevy Chase will be the buzz of the 'morn tomorrow. He called Dubya a dumb fuck in front of an audience at the Kennedy Center. Later in the evening, Cynthia Nixon stepped up to the plate and tried to smoothe things out with some sound advice:
"Don't just listen to people who are telling you yes, listen to the people who are telling you no!"
Moving on, as it were...there's a great post on pro-life Democrats where Atrios (aka Duncan Black), of the blog Eschaton handled the dialouge with the kind of succinctness that makes you wonder why you couldn't have said it so palpably:
Well, I'm not pro-abortion. I'm not anti-abortion. I'm anti-unwanted pregnancy. Frankly, I'm not particularly concerned about abortion rates as any sort of morality issue. Nor am I interested in any political campaign which implicitly shames women who have them.
It seems like pro-life Democrats who honestly recognize that the platform of the party is unlikely to change just want people like me to admit that abortion is "icky" to make them feel better. Well, I'm not going to do that.
When I started reading his blog, then participating in the conversation after-the-fact, I got this feeling that his loyal readers were almost cult-like. I totally get it now. He's wonky in that Sirota/Conason/Harvie kind of way. Sexy.
That's all for now.
South Park is on.
The Most Offensive Christmas Special EVER.
Lion cubs gave Kyle an abortion. Forest critters had an immaculate conception of the dark lord. They chose a Jew to be the host of the aforementioned Lord. Santa brought a lion back to life. Oh, and Amanda didn't win the America's Next Top Model competition. It's kind of a bummer, but at least she has all of that exposure plus a killer porfolio upon her departure.

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