Friday, October 22

ann coulter, and the pie-stain

Ann Coulter got PIED!!!! I love it, even though it only hit her in the shoulder. Granted, pie-throwing is a bit juvenile, but if any of you have ever tried reading one of her hackjob books, you'd totally understand. In her latest column, she lists "oily Jews" as one of the reasons Democrats believe we went to Iraq last year. I used to think she was offensive, but now I'm under the impression that she's just completely insane. There's a slew of fantastic columns by kick-ass broads this week, a mere week and a half before the general election. Molly Ivins has definitely had it with Bushie. Arianna Huffington has referred to Bush as the "anti-Bobby" Kennedy in this election as she analyzes the youth vote this year, and Maureen Dowd thinks that Dubya's willfull blindness to the current situation in Iraq comes from "mistakingly assuming that his desires are God's." Meanwhile, on the stump, Bush said this, on UNIVISION yesterday:

Bush also expressed gratitude to Hispanic families that lost loved ones in the wars in Iraq, adding that they died for a noble cause. "I would tell them the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the war against those who caused the deaths on 9/11 is necessary," he said. "The most solemn duty of the president of the United States is to protect the American people. And the biggest danger we have is that a terrorist group obtains weapons that can cause more damage than a few planes."

(Thanks to Atrios for the heads up) I love that's he's still trying to connect the two. I try to be optimistic, you know? We're at war and he's the president, blah blah blah. However, when he starts pandering to MY people, I'll just come out say that he's a fucking asshole. In other news, in other Catholic news, to be exact, the Vatican has denied that it had contact with Marc Balestrieri, the Catholic lawyer that's trying to get John Kerry excommunicated. "His claim that the private letter he received from (Dominican) Father Basil Cole is a Vatican response is completely without merit," Father DiNoia told Catholic News Service Oct. 19, declining to discuss the matter further. BAM! That bitch just got served. The Stranger had a great Kerry endoresment this week that pretty much summed up the anger most feel towards our bastard president this year. I'll go ahead and just copy it here, in its entirety, because it's harsh, hilarious, and powerful:

George Bush is pure scum. His far-right pandering to his rural Christian rube supporters on gay marriage, his use of the tax code to reward the "I call you mybase" rich at the expense of the middle class, his utter bullshit justifications for a needless war that now appears to besliding,inexorably, into a foreign-policy catastrophe not seen since America's humiliating Saigon '75 exit, all make Bush unworthy to serve as president.

Given Bush's track record, egregious mistakes, and ultra-conservative instincts, the Democrats could have nominated anyone--Tucker "Dick" Carlson, Jenna Jamison, a bloody scab--and we would have endorsed him, her or it. Instead the Ds, somewhat miraculously, did something smart: They nominated Massachusetts Senator John Kerry.
We like Kerry almost as much as we hate Bush. No, really. We mean it. Really. He's tough--his heroic service in Vietnam proves that, especially when compared to Bush, who had daddy pull strings for him so he didn't have to fight in a war he supposedly supported. Kerry is a man of integrity, as his willingness to step forward and speak out eloquently, after his return stateside, against the Vietnam War, shows. He is smart (he tore Bush apart in the debates), informed, and experienced. Only in a debased campaign process would thoughtful deliberation be treated as inferior to chuckle headed simple-mindedness.
Since World War II, the United States has operated as the center of strong international alliances. We need those alliances more than ever as we face the long-term threat of Islamic extremism. But Bush and the Neocon ideologues who run his foreign policy have thumbed their noses at the world, embracing a doctrine of de facto unilateralism and proclaiming America to be unbound by any limitation--legal, moral, (truthful!) or otherwise. That they are shortsighted fools and amoral liars has been proven beyond any doubt by the disgusting photos from Abu Ghraib and by the fact that nearly 90 percent of the cost in lives and money of Bush's misbegotten Iraq adventure falls on the U.S.
With respect to domestic policy, Bush is passionate about only one thing: tax cuts for the wealthy. Those tax cuts have failed to deliver the promised benefits of jobs and a vibrant economy, so what does Bush offer? More tax cuts for the wealthy, and ever larger deficits. Kerry is genuinely concerned for the well- being of working Americans. In the final debate, he highlighted his fundamental differences with Bush by supporting a boost to the minimum wage, which is at its lowest level since 1990 (adjusted for inflation), saying he was "tired of politicians who talk about family values but don't value families." Bush, who doesn't give two shits in a cat's ass about the working poor, had no response. Four more years of Bush is a recipe for (further) disaster. We urge you to vote for the badass from Massachusetts.
And if Bush wins? Let's riot, you motherfuckers.


cracker said...

Do you actually believe what you have posted? If you do, do you have a job? If you have a job, are you a teacher?

gblagg said...

My God, liberals are idiots. If you really believe any country acts with anything but it's own self interest in mind, it just proves you went to the government schools you so love to expouse. And that you can eat after having to hold down the bile of John Kerry(You realize you actually will have to vote for this man?)is beyond me to explain. The only positive thing that a Kerry presidency can bring(other than the total destruction of our country which would mean all liberals would be destroyed also, which I see as a small price to pay)is that we would get his harpy of a wife to keep us entertained for four years. My Lord, how do you people think we got to this great point in our country. Were your parents and grandparents such unabashed pussies. No, our forfathers worked for what they had...they didn't ask the government to take legally earned(sit down I'm going to use this word)profit from the man who earned it and give it to lazy whiny tree huggering freedom fearing elitists. Oops, that wasn't politically incorrect was it? Good! Call the ACLU, maybe they can fit you in between working for child rapists and islamic jihadists. By the way visit my blog, you might enjoy it and become enlightened at the same time And lastly Ann Coulter is hot!

cracker said...

Yes, Ann Coulter is hot, and she can give me a tongue lashing anytime.

denise said...

first things first, ann coulter is hot if you're into the bleached-blonde, anorexic type. by those measures, she's hot, sure.

what other issues do you have to deal with via y teeny blog's comment box? mail me on the 3rd, when the madness is all over, and we'll talk about the end of the world over a cup of french coffee and a bagel.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry is the wealthiest man to ever run for the presidency, and you expect me to believe he is interested in the common American? When? In between trips to his summer villa on his private jet?
The best way to defeat Islamo-terroism (assuming you ARE interested in destroying the creeps who would beat you to death for not wearing your burka) is to democratize the Middle East. This war isn't just against Osama Bin Laden, but against the states that sponsor his ilk. They declared war on us killing thousands of the everyday Americans, the kind that Kerry is supposed to care about. Kerry wants to cut and run, but there’s no place left to run to. There is no safe place, as those Russian children found out, as long as the terrorist training camps are operating. It’s the war and nothing else. No other issue is remotely as important.
It sounds cliché, but American soldiers have fought and died to give you the freedom you’re enjoying now. And they’re dying right now so that you can get on the city bus and not worry about it exploding.
Blink, but don’t forget to open your eyes.

gblagg said...

You kind of took my words out of context, but that's OK. We'll play nice. I'll respond to your post on my block..per my questions. Did I hit a nerve you seemed a little angry? I, though conservative(more libertarian than republican) enjoy a good debate, but let's keep it civil. I will, you have my word(if you can trust the word of a right wing zealot...), keep to the heart of the debate. I enjoy the back and forth of debate, I learn form it. But we are adults and we should play like's a rule...No name calling. OK, with that said we should hug, go to our corners and come out punching!

Anonymous said...

"And if Bush wins? Let's riot, you motherfuckers."
Yeah, after you motherfuckers LOSE, you can come and riot around my neighborhood, and you'll eat hot death.