Wednesday, October 20

ann coulter is a worthless wretch, a human stain

It's hard to avoid news channels. Correction. It's hard for me to avoid news channels, especially the cable ones. I've grown accustomed to the collective groan once I have control of the clicker. It's a total trap, like any number of UPN shows, past and present. On the radio these past few days, I've heard Michael Savage call the women's movement "stupid and phony," perpetuated by "worthless wretches." He spoke of the inherent racism within communities of color because "they're afraid of white, heterosexual males." Ew. I'm scared of him....and Dick Cheney. That's about it. Sean Hannity and John Carlson are still yammering away about Cheney's gay-ass, lesbian-dyke daughter, and the fact that Theresa Heinz Kerry is completely unhinged. Some sit-in for Hannity took a call from a black Republican that was convinced "Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would never leave the Democratic plantation. Obviously, I could go on. "Turn your fear into motivation," said Sean. Personally, I don't buy it, because if I'm not worried about the terrorists crossing our borders and killing me (until I'm dead), then I'll have to go back to that September 10th mentality, where I was the one constantly thinking about killing people. I hate dilemmas. I heard someone say that abandoned, true Republicans should treat this election like masturbation: go into the booth (or your bedroom, if you're voting absentee), pull the teeny lever for John Kerry, revel in that sweet, sweet moment, and tell NO ONE. I like it. I diggit. Try it, folks. It wont kill you. Bush's policies, on the otherhand... 'Fore I head out, I'll say that I'm happier than a drunk pig in a pile of shit (but really, it's Cocoa Puffs) after finding out that the woman I've been corresponding with regarding the Kerry campaign here in Washington happens to be none other than the wife of a rockstar Congressman from Seattle. I love it. Get out the vote, ya pinheads!

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