Friday, October 22

french coffee, homo marriages, and dead babies

Goodness gracious. I don't know if my new mini-ad at the bottom of my sidebar is generating a smidge more traffic, but I seem to have reached some bloggers from the Right. Here's a sampling of their enlightening commentary:

Do you actually believe what you have posted? If you do, do you have a job? If you have a job, are you a teacher?

My God, liberals are idiots.

The only positive thing that a Kerry presidency can bring(other than the total destruction of our country which would mean all liberals would be destroyed also, which I see as a small price to pay)is that we would get his harpy of a wife to keep us entertained for four years. My Lord, how do you people think we got to this great point in our country. Were your parents and grandparents such unabashed pussies?

Yes, Ann Coulter is hot, and she can give me a tongue lashing anytime.

The best way to defeat Islamo-terroism (assuming you ARE interested in destroying the creeps who would beat you to death for not wearing your burka) is to democratize the Middle East.

Yes Virginia, there really IS a right-wing conspiracy to dumb down America and convince its people that freedom is indeed "on the march." The next thing you know, they'll start saying that President Bush was chosen by God. Oh, wait a minute....

Far be it for these people to watch anything but FOX news, as every other media source has been deemed liberal. The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA) recently conducted a survey which concluded that most Bush supporters still believe that Iraq had ties to Al Queda and that weapons of mass destruction really did exist over there.

I like that people think John Kerry will be the one to destroy our country, when we're obviously already in a constant state of panic, fear, and confusion. It's kind of like not facing up to the fact that your mom's an alcoholic and your dad kicks the shit out of you every night. You know what's right and wrong, but you can't sever those ties or face up to the truth because it'll hurt too much.

To answer their questions, YES, I do believe what I've posted. I wonder if they can give me five reasons anyone should vote for Bush. I want a list of what Bush has done for this country in the past four years. I want to know how they can possibly believe Dick Cheney is an honest man. AND, I want to know what the hell they were smoking when they said that Ann Coulter was hot.

The blind patriotism is making my eyes itch already. It's like a broken record...

democracy, freedom, freedom on the march, freedom is not free, islamo-(insert random ideology here), terrorists, the world is better without saddam, kerry's a flip flopper, his record speaks for itself, yadda yadda yadda

How on earth can those people survive without Rush, Hannity, Savage, and FOX?

'Tis a mystery best left unsolved.


gblagg said...

Actually it WAS something on your sidebar that got me...your insane links. Uh, did you just see that? Right outside your window. Is that a black Suburban? Oh my God, they are following you! Let me let you you in on a little secret...there is NO conspiracy. Sure it's fun to imagine them, but you are really not that important..and neither is Michael Moore(don't tell him though because with the price of medicine he probably can't afford his prozac). And just because someone is from the right does not mean they love George Bush..he soft on immigration, he spends like a drunken liberal,etc....but what the left does not understand is we rightwing zealots vote ideas. Not what a candidate can GIVE to us, but in what direction we want this country to head. I, personally believe that that should be toward freedom. Not lip service to freedom, but true freedom. Ask yourself this...where does your feedom come from, your creator or your government. I would really appreciate an answer to this.

cracker said...

Besides wondering what color the sky is in your world, I went ahead and added a link to your blog from mine. Check it out.

You may also want to read the 9/11 commission report and the Duelfer Report, oh and some books on business and economics, and maybe some math books, the Koran, Kerry's voting record, and maybe some books on finance, some history books featuring the 1980's and the 1990's, and visit the bureau of statistics, and...

5 reasons to vote for Bush:
1. Tax cuts
2. Tax cuts
3. Corporate tax cuts
4. Liberated Afganistan
5. Liberated Iraq
6. Fighting the terrorists OVER THERE!
7. No child left behind
8. More people employed today than at any other time in American history
9. Inflation rate is low
10. The economy is growing
11. Reforming social security
12. National Security
13. Domestic Security
14. Less government
15. Freedom to make more choices
16. HSA's
Need I go on?...

FYI: If John Kerry wins, expect your tax rate to rise to about 41%. Expect the US military to come under the control of the UN. Expect America's autonomy to become nonexistent. Expect the terrorists to view it as a sign of weakness by the American people (that means the terrorists win and start blowing up people on AMERICAN soil again.) Expect Social security to be nonexistent when you become eligible to receive it. Expect your socialized healthcare to be more expensive and lower quality. Expect small businesses to fail in record numbers. Expect unemployment to rise. Expect reductions in military spending. Expect our troops to withdrawl from Iraq. Expect a civil war in Iraq. Expect Bill Clinton to become Secretary General of the UN. Expect then the WORLD TAX to become effective,...

Ann Coulter is hot in a sado-masochistic way. Imagine her chain-smoking in a leather teddy holding a whip............what?..what?...where am I?...Is it warm in here?...Uhhh...gotta go...see ya!

Carter said...

I found your link thru a right wing bushit's site. I put a link on mine, if you don't mind.

Which means you will probably get a bit of traffic from both sides of the political polarity.

cracker said...

The more the merrier. Personally, I hate talking to right wing zealot conservatives.

Anonymous said...

G. Blagg - freedom comes from both. No one can take away our freedom of thought and conscience, but it is easy to limit our freedom of speech. Do you think the Patriot Act is legal? We're turning into a police state in front of your eyes and you're talking about "true freedom" elsewhere. Every attack we see is a result of our foreign policy in the past, and granted that wasn't Bush's fault, but instead of strategizing to fix those policies, his tactical reaction is to revoke his own citizen's civil rights and invite even further hatred abroad by starting a war on questionable intelligence. You're right, we need to vote on ideas for the future.. but I wonder if you see what direction we've moved toward in the past four years. We're "exporting democracy" at the cost of our own freedom and safety.

Cracker - I won't bother. For someone to suggest math books and then list off 16 items on a "5 Reasons to vote for Bush" ... And I wonder what color the sky is in *your* world because Dubya hasn't done half of the things you listed. And ask yourself why Kerry would do the things you suggest - he lives here too? I think he deserves a chance to prove himself. Bush had his turn and failed miserably.