Wednesday, April 21


"I looked around and saw my leg bleeding and my neighbor lying dead on the floor, torn apart," he said from his hospital bed. "I saw a minibus full of children on fire." It looks like April 29th is the Day of Puppetry that the 9-11 Commission has been so eager to get underway. It's interesting how "careless mistakes" made by a Republican congressman has been all but dismissed because he simply "grabbed the wrong bag." Bullshit. Throw him in jail, treat him like a "brown-skinned" person, goddamnit. "Why shouldn't we ask all of our citizens to bear some responsibility and pay some price?" Hagel said, arguing that restoring compulsory military service would force "our citizens to understand the intensity and depth of challenges we face." It's time for my 8-4 now, but there's much, much more on the way. I have Rushisms to share, as well as fucked-up Hannity-logic. I hope all are well.

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