Thursday, April 22

"Our democracy is a farce..."

OK, first things first, i know it's Drudge's job to report things on the zeros, anytime, from anywhere he happens to "hear it first," but John Kerry's stance on abortion in 1972 is hardly relevant now. ...or is it? Is he attending the rally on abortion rights just to lock in some of those "swing voters" we hear so much about, or has he changed his mind? If that's the case, then are we supposed to chastise him for being a "flip-flopper," a "waffler," or some other descriptive buzzword that so many AM-pundits have thrown into our vernacular? In other news, there's all this ballyhoo regarding some comments Kerry made when he came back from Vietnam. John O'Neill was in the same unit, Coastal Division 11, as Kerry, but didn't start serving until 2 months after Kerry left. Why is this front page news? NeoCons everywhere are trying sooooo hard to make Kerry out to be the absolute worst democratic candidate for the presidency, all but ignoring their fearless, witless leader and his 4 year fuck-up of our nation. I understand that we're in the middle of a war right now, and our greater goal should be figuring out how to end it, rather than just getting Bush out of office, but I'm tired of the spineless Bush-hating that's been taking place just beacuse... I wont be participating in any anti-war marches, wearing a satirical presidential mask, nor will I be making any "NO BLOOD FOR OIL" signs in my kitchen late at night. At this point, it's up to us as Liberals to get educated, to know the facts, and to be able to fight these wacky conservatives the right way....which is left. Right. Er....left. U.S. soldiers are coming home minus a leg (or two) and all these "splotchy bullies" can do is scream about the politicizing of the war. Do they expect Kerry to just accept all that Bush has done during this wartime election? So far, it seems John Kerry has dealt with the situation in Iraq with an admirable amount of sophistication; not once saying anything that might encourage the enemy. Blind patriotism is bullshit. Wake up.
more more more... Tami Silicio was fired from her contracting job in Iraq because of her front page photo in the Seattle Times this weekend. Maytag Aircraft fired Silicio and her husband David Landry today. A little dirt-diggin' on Tami brought up another time she was fired, this time, back in 2000, while working for Halliburton. Hm.... After refusing sexual propositions from coworkers, and enduring the bitch/whore/slut name-calling, she was terminated. Interesting. speaking of ridiculous...
    4-22-04 NORTH MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - The police department in this seaside town has dropped its swimming requirement for new officers - in part, to recruit more blacks to the force. North Miami officials said knowing how to swim is not really necessary. And they said the requirement has discouraged some blacks in this Haitian-American enclave from joining the department. ``They have been intimidated because they don't swim. Very few of them swim,'' Mayor Joe Celestin, who is Haitian-American.
goodnight That's all for now. I don't have it in me to write anymore, for fear of a caffiene-induced migraine. I will say this: Happy Earth Day. Oh, and the Earth Liberation Front is a fucking joke.

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