Monday, April 19

"...more than on speaking terms."

Tom Ridge might call for an acceleration of terror-preparation plans today because of a series of high-profile, down-home, all American events coming up soon. There are no plans yet to raise the color-coded threat level, but be on the look out for the dramatic yellow-to-orange change in the imminent future. As terror operatives may be in place in the US as we speak, I suggest you brush up on your homeland security safety measures before doing anything else today. In other news, since none of the UN resolutions met with Spain's conditions, newly-elected Prime Minister Zapatero has decided to bring his 1400 troops home. He has described the war and occupation as a "huge disaster," and with Al-Queda issuing public threats for its support of the US-led coation in Iraq, Spain's favorite Socialist is bringing his boys home. Quote of the Day "I can tell you, I've had lunch on a number of occasions with Vice President Cheney and with Colin Powell, and they're more than on speaking terms," Ms. Rice said on Fox News Sunday. "They're very friendly."

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