Wednesday, October 11

Liveblogging President Pissy Pants

President Bush the young'n just said his administration tried to exhaust all diplomatic measures before committing the U.S. military. If it's one thing we can all take away from this administration, it's the fact that they are unapologetically diplomatic. Right. (On Foley) Has Hastert lost his credibility?

I think the Speaker's strong statements have made it clear...that he wants to find out the facts. All of us want to find out the facts. We need to find out what Republicans knew and what Democrats knew. Denny's very credible as far as I'm concerned. I think the elections will be decided by security and by the economy.

Fruedian slip..he just referred to Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the House. Was I the only one that heard that? Would you do anything different in Iraq?
Abu Gareff, he said. Abu Gareff, of course, translates to Abu Ghraib in everyone else's language. And that, my friends, is the only thing he "would have done different." One hour later. It's over. I wish he actually had something to contribute to these press conferences. His press conferences sound like his State of the Union addresses sound like his campaign stump speeches sound like his cable news interviews sound like the RNC talking points which can be read HERE.

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