Tuesday, March 7

Who the hell is Peter Baker?

Bush Weaves Rug Story Into Many an Occasion President Uses His Oval Office Floor Covering as a Metaphor for Optimism and Leadership The headline above was not pulled from the front page of The Onion. Peter Baker penned the aforementioned piffle. Who is this mystery WaPo writer, and why do I get the feeling that he would tongue-kiss the POTUS if he ever got the chance? A couple of my favorite bits:

"He loves his rug," said Nicolle Wallace, the White House communications director. "I've heard him describe it countless times." Sometimes Bush describes it as a metaphor for leadership. Sometimes he relates how Russian President Vladimir Putin admired the carpet. Sometimes he seems most taken by the lighting qualities. [Fred]Barnes notes that Bush delegated [rug design] to the first lady. "Typical of his governing style, though, he gave a clear principle as guidance: he wanted the rug to express the view that an 'optimistic person comes here,' " Barnes reports. "The rug she designed is sunshine yellow." "If you walk in that Oval Office," Bush said in Sterling, "I think you're going to say, just like you know it, 'This guy's optimistic.' "

He seems most taken by the lighting qualities? He's like a fucking child...or a mentally disabled puppy. Bush's metaphors are soooooo very.
From Peter Baker's Hunting for Camaraderie With Shotguns and Friends Companions Say Pastime Gives Cheney a Timeout
Long before the shot heard 'round the world, Cheney took refuge from the burdens of leadership with an intricately crafted, Italian-made shotgun, Texas snake boots, a blaze-orange vest and the camaraderie of his fellow hunters. Stalking game birds through marshlands on horseback or from a truck, he has escaped the Washington political wars for days at a time. "Despite the blast of birdshot at Whittington, Cheney's friends described him as a careful, accurate gunman. He's 'an excellent shot,' Lott told reporters last week, adding mischievously, 'He never shot me.' Lott also noted that Cheney 'looks the part,' a virtual Field & Stream model in his hunting garb."
Gross. Peter Baker should take a chemical shower to wash the whore out. He should boil his body. He should get a real job working as a FEMA director or something. It's PRIMARY DAY in Texas, y'all!!!! The Burnt Orange Report will probably have the most comprehensive coverage of the big races throughout the state, and all RGV races can be monitored HERE, though nothing's up as of 10:08 am. VOTE VOTE VOTE

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