Monday, March 13

Results, not Rhetoric

*Yawn* I had the most fortunate experience of watching John McCain’s speech at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference. Instead of acting on his so-called “maverick” Republican status, he chose the safe route, crouching down to get a better angle at which to kiss Bush’s arse. More on the conference HERE. He spoke of the fantastic Supreme Court appointees that Bush put forth, and asked that the delegates vote for Dubya as a symbolic gesture of support. The AP reported that “McCain's nod to Bush gives the front-runner from Arizona some political cover if he fares poorly in the contest.” I don’t buy it. McCain’s always been a camera-whore, sticking to the Republican script time after time. If anyone were to take a look at his record, they would see that he not only toes the straight Republican line, he fucking leaps over it and lives in the far right side of the spectrum. He lost all of his credibility when he breathlessly supported Bush in the 2004 after Bush completely trashed him and his family during the 2000 elections. What a sorry excuse for a man. Bill Frist, the cat-killing, videotape diagnosing freakazoid won the informal poll. Trent Lott, speculating that Frist rigged the poll by busing in supporters, gave his unofficial thumbs-up to McCain, a man who sold his soul for his 2008 nomination a looooooong time ago. In the end, none of it matters. Everyone except for McCain thinks Bush is a jackass, Trent Lott is still bitter because Bill Frist yanked the Senate majority leader title, and Lindsey Graham still looks like a creepy baby bear.

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