Wednesday, March 29

Scary Mary in the Morning

I'd like to give a hearty FUCK YOU to the major network geniuses who decided Mary Matalin should offer up her whiny defense of Josh Bolton on ABC, CBS & NBC simultaneously this morning.
---Jan van Lohuizen, a Republican pollster sent a memo to Ken Mehlman warning Republicans not to distance themselves from their Dear Leader. The end was my favorite part:
President Bush drives our image and will do so until we have real national front-runners for the '08 nomination. Attacking the President is counter productive for all Republicans, not just the candidates launching the attacks. If he drops, we all drop.
Did everybody hear that? "IF he drops..." Whoa. I don't think it'll work. GOPers are trying desperately to drop the hero zero and get with the hero. Thus far, a hero has yet to step to the plate and resist his Bush's vision of constant war, everlasting debt and total incompetence. John McCain seems to think that Pandering to the knuckle-dragging "base" will get him the nomination even though "the base" has dwindled to quite the minority within the party.

They're totally That Guy that gets dumped by the girl of his dreams then continues to insist that she was a slut anyway and he never really liked her. She was just a piece of ass that caused him to lose all of his money and credibility. Right.

---In other, better news, Pandagon is up and running again, albeit kind of slow this morning. Amanda has a link to the Engine 2 fire station in Austin. Vegan firemen?!!
Ugh...more later.

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gash26 said...

Hey sista what's going on in your neck of the woods?

I'm pretty sure you've heard about this, but if not check this out Lies!