Friday, February 24


I realize it's soooooo 5 months ago to bitch about MySpace, but I've been having issues with my friends' pages as of late. I love my friends dearly, especially the ones I communicate with on a semi-regular basis, but for the love of Christ take those running soundtracks off of your fucking pages!!! Am I the only one that listens to streaming radio, or constantly has her OWN music playing while checking email, reading the news, etc? Why must I fall victim to whatever crappy(or not-so-crappy) song that YOU find apropos to play while people check out your page? If I had it my way, all of you would be listening to Japanese noise jams 24-7, but I don't have it my way, and I really don't think y'all should either. Fuck! It's really annoying. On the bright side, a boy, rather, The Boy sent me this in the mail:



monski said...

LOL! Its impossible to even open two pages at once without hearing a jumble these days. ugh.

gash26 said...

As always my page is music free!! if you want to see and hear crappy music head on over to the blogs and watch them there (sorry for the shameless plug ;-P)