Monday, July 11

Shit-filled Spokeshole

The White House press corps refused to let Scott McClellan get away with non-answers on the Rove-Plame affair. This clip is about 6 minutes long, but totally worth watching from beginning to end. Terry Moran and his pretty face are reason enough...not to mention the giggling in the background. David Gregory lashes out towards the end:

"Scott, this is ridiculous, I mean, the notion that you're going to stand before us after having commented with that level of detail and tell people watching this that somehow you've decided not to talk? You've got a public record out there! Do you stand by YOUR remarks from that podium or not?

Swing State Project has a great play-by-play,and Keith Olbermann brilliantly opines on the puffy subject at hand. Think Progress offered up FIVE separate posts regarding the conference, all worth the read: It's Not the Crime, It's The Cover-Up Breaking: White House Stonewalls on Rove FULL TEXT: July 11 White House Press Briefing McClellan's Evasive Maneuvers Scott McClellan Needs A Thesaurus

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magda flores said...

did you make that picture yourself? it's very purdy. too bad that ass is in the center of it.