Thursday, July 14

The Attack of the Killer Splinter

I just got THE most intense wooden splinter embedded into the fingernail of my right, middle-finger. Yeah, fuck you, too. It happened en route to Seward Park, where I planned on spending a pleasant afternoon reading and sunning. Youch. In other news, Paul Krugman lays the smack down on Plame-gate. My finger hurts too much for anything else. It's still in there, by the way...The Splinter. I'm going to soberly attempt home surgery tomorrow, with hot needles, shots of whiskey, and good-old Texas moxie. I think I may have to hit up a clinic.

1 comment:

Mom said...

No, dude, just let it fester for a while. Then soak it in hot soapy water, take a shot or three, and then rip that fucker out!