Thursday, May 19

Somebody grew a pair...

John Kerry used his time in the Senate today to discuss the rules and the proposed changes to said rules. He was unusually fiery and I can't help but feel nostalgic. You can watch the speech in two parts HERE. Goddamnit. There's gotta be a perfect, untainted candidate somewhere. Regardless of the truth, and regardless of respect for the Senate and its traditions, this move by the Republicans is just a mindless, robotic Congressional power-grab. Their unmitigated desire for victory and domination of all branches of government will ultimately cause the entire system to fail upwards. In the end, their wins are America's losses. Getting all tangled up in the flag and hiding behind Jesus will only work for so long. The GOP depends on captivating the dumbest among us, and it seems the people are finally starting to wise up. The ladies over at Newshounds (I met a couple of them in St Louis this weekend) have a link up to TVNEWSER, a news-about-the-news blog that reports:

April '05 marks "the sixth consecutive month where FNC declined versus prior month in M-F, primetime P25-54 (every month since Nov '04)," CNN's press release says. The 25-54 demo is coveted by advertisers. One insider called it a "downward spiral." FNC still has more demo viewers than CNN, though (443k vs. 304k in April). Here are FNC's month-by-month weekday primetime averages in the 25-54 demographic: Oct. 04: 1,074,000 / Nov. 04: 891,000 / Dec. 04: 568,000 / Jan. 05: 564,000 / Feb. 05: 520,000 / March 05: 498,000 / April 05: 445,000 Also: In April 2005, FNC's weekday primetime demo average decreased 25% compared to the year-ago, while CNN increased 27%.

Interesting. The FOX News ratings are in a freefall that shows no sign of levelling off, losing 58% of their audience in the 24-55 demographic. Gathering.Momentum.
The Soincs play the Spurs tonight. It oculd be the last game for the Sonics. I could be drinking a beer now.

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Fred said...

good post. There is a good candidate out there somewhere, but Kerry is not the one...though I did everything I could to get him elected.

Drink two beers...I am.

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