Monday, May 23

Democratic Deficiencies & the Ethically Challenged

I just got home and have yet to sit in front of the SPAN for some hott Senate floor-action. I did, however, happen upon some cute stories that just might brighten up your day. Here are some snippets: --District Apologizes To Student Identified As 'Black Girl' In Yearbook

Does this remind anyone of the 2002 MSNBC Nigger Innis-debacle? --Bush Flies Home From Michigan With Fancy New Saddle If you want something more substantive, take the time to read this past Sunday's New York Times article about Rick man-on-dog Santorum. Dead babies, marriages in peril, and a tight, tight ass.

When I asked him if he viewed gay marriage as a threat to his own marriage, he answered quickly. ''Yes, absolutely,'' he said. ''It threatens my marriage. It threatens all marriages. It threatens the traditional values of this country.''

Oh yeah, the Senate struck a deal today. You can read the actual memorandum of Understanding right HERE. It looks like the Republicans didn't get their way, but the Democrats didn't really get theirs either. Basically, our guys pledged not to filibuster judicial nominees except in "extraordinary circumstances," and the home-team agreed not to strip the Dems of their right to block votes. Bill Frist just lost control of his caucus, and it's not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Finally, this, from the Kos diaries:

New CNN/USAT/Gallup poll

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way George W. Bush is handling his job as president?" Approve 46% (50%)Disapprove 50% (45%) "... the economy?"Approve 40% (43%)Disapprove 58% (53%) "... the situation in Iraq?"Approve 40% (42%)Disapprove 56% (55%) "... Social Security?"Approve 33% (35%)Disapprove 59% (58%)

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