Saturday, January 15

When you make impossible demands, I wish I didn't understand...

The imaginary Social Security crisis makes my head hurt. Bush is such a bastard.

"Saving Social Security is an economic challenge. But it is also a profound moral obligation," Bush said in his weekly radio address. Bush, who has yet to unveil a detailed Social Security proposal, was noncommittal about whether he favored cuts in future benefits.

Here's what they have to say at the DNC: Take Action: Stop Bush's Social Security Cuts The George W. Bush plan to dismantle Social Security has begun. The administration floated a proposal to cut benefits to future retirees by changing the way those benefits are calculated. And these cuts are guaranteed -- whether you opt in to the Bush plan or not. Here's what the Bush plan will mean for your retirement: --If you retire in 2022, Bush will cut your benefits by almost 10 percent. --If you retire in 2042, Bush will cut your benefits by more than 25 percent. --In 2075, our children and grandchildren will face a staggering cut of 46 percent to their benefits. And this is just the first step of the Republican Party's plan to dismantle the entire Social Security system that has kept generations of America's seniors out of poverty. Soon Bush will launch a $40 million TV ad blitz to convince Americans that our grandkids will be left out in the cold if Social Security is not privatized. Apparently, people over at the Social Security administration are soon going to jump into the fray, with several key spokespersons advocating the private-account idea. We really do live in an alternate reality these days. They have all the right plans to hijack a perfectly tractable social program. Josh Marshall over at Talking Points Memo has some good links up for further analysis on the so-called crisis: How credible are President Bush's dire predictions? Why We Need Social Security Centrists steer clear of Social Security plans The last article is particularly interesting, as it takes into account such Democrats as Leiberman, Miller and Breaux. Right. I just don't get trying to accomodate to the POTUS' made-up crisis demands. TPM also provides a handly list of the "Fainthearted Faction," Democrats that favor Bush's plan for SS, and the "Conscience Caucus," Republicans who oppose the President's plan, or are open to do so in the future. Write to your Congressional representatives. Write to your Senators. Have a fantastic Saturday, y'all.

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