Wednesday, January 26

"Let me see if I can diss-sect your question..."

In February, Bush will outline his plan for cutting the defecit in half. Also, I will grow wings, fly to Spain, and shit gold. He's behind the press-conference podium right now, giving one of those rare Q&A sessions. Already, he's talked about how our children and grandchildren will benefit (in the long term) from a free Iraq. I know this it nitpicky, but I hate the way Bush pronounces "united." It always sounds like "unineted" to me. Whoa, he just talked about a "cauldren of resentment and hate." RAD! Oh yeah, today was the bloodiest day in Iraq since Operation:DrunkWithPower began. Now he's on to yapping about how when I retire, the "system will be bankrupt." Apparently, Dems scare little, old ladies, and republicans scare MY generation. If he "reforms" Social Security, that still wont be his legacy. He's still go down in history as one of the worst presidents in American history, and most definitely the worst in my generation.

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