Wednesday, January 26

It's not because they put folks on the moon, no no no...

Bush criticized energy policy, federal land use policy, subsidized housing, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration ("a misuse of power," he said), and he warned that Social Security would go bust in ten years unless people were given a chance to invest the money themselves.
Sure, it looks like another article about Bush's strong position on the Social Security issue, but it's from 1988! He's been full of shit from the get-go, people.

Breathe, Denise...breathe.
-Blind patriotism is for F O O L S.
-Condi Rice is a L I A R.
-Alberto Gonzales is an embarrassment to H O N E S T Latinos in government.
-The Democratic Leadership Council is a J O K E. I've not written about the dangers of homo-SIN-uality in a while, mainly because lunatic evangelicals don't really need further recognition, but they do seem to get wackier by the minute.
"Nothing is more threatening to the foundation of our country than the radical homosexual agenda and its assault on marriage and the family," Mrs. Fields said.
Mrs. Fields is the president of the Christian Coalition of Georgia. Nothing about the above statement is surprising, but Google-ing "Sadie Fields" led me to an article about Tess Fields, Sadie's queer daughter. Apparently, in addition to being a straight up bigot regarding non-straights, she's also anti-Jew. What a classy broad:
She writes that the first split with her mother occurred when she was in seventh grade and her mother told her that a Jewish friend "will go to hell" if she did not accept Christ. Sadie Fields found out when Tess was 24 that her daughter was a lesbian, she wrote. "My mother came over to where I worked, screaming, and told me I was 'dead' to the family. She called me 'sick,' 'crazy,' and 'of the devil,' " Tess Fields wrote.
I love it.
All of the crazies (Alan Keyes) have gay offspring. Perhaps the Focus on the Family assholes should focus on acceptance, save their kids grow up to be self-loathing homoheathens.

If I had a "third leg," as it were, I'd make it my personal mission to dick-slap James Dobson.

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