Thursday, January 20

D'you supopse the Senate majority leader calls his wife the Frist Lady?

A few things I noticed this morning, whilst getting High for Democracy, and doing all in my power to avoid the bitter tears of defeat:
--Condoleezza Rice walked down the Capital steps to a veritable round of rockstar applause, whereas the Clintons, who had walked in front of her not even a minute prior, only recieved a smattering. It HAD to have been her hat. --Guy Hovis' rousing rendition of 'Let the Eagle Soar,' was impressive, but not nearly as moving as the original performance by John Ashcroft.

--The First Lady's ensemb' was a pretty hott number. She has proven once again that even robots can be sexy. There was a rare moment of authentic human physicality when a C-SPAN camera zoomed in on the doe-eyed That's-My-Baby look she gave to the most powerful man in world just before he addresed the tens of thousands of sycophantic WASP's before him. My hats go off to the innoventive engineers that created such an affable machine. I can't wait for the trappings of her custom-made Oscar de la Renta this evening.
One of the opening prayers suggested the God "shower our elected leaders with [his] life-giving spirit," which leads me to believe that George W. Bush will indeed be brining people back from the dead. In this current time of war, this can't be such a bad thing.
The President's inaugural address was as predictable as our initial response to the GWOT. I especially loved that he refrained from uttering "9-11," yet still managed to mention the Day of Fire we all expereiced shortly after he took office. He mentioned the "force of human freedom" several times, and hammered in the fact that humans should not have to live "at the mercy of bullies." Dubya reminded us that "the swiftest advance of freedom EVER seen" resulted in "10s of millions [that] have achieved their freedom." Parade coverage soon...
God bless America.

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