Thursday, January 20

D'you remember when protests were solemn and civil?

I didn't hit up the Seattle protests this afternoon, so I guess you can color me apathetic for not showing solidarity. There's something about inexperienced speakers, tired chants about democracy (and what it looks like), paper mache' puppetry and white girls with dreads dressed as grieving Iraqi mothers that irritates the shit outta me. Despite the cloud of darkness/illegitimacy/duplicity that hung low over the inaugural ceremonies today, I'll admit I'm a sucker for the pomp and circumstance. It's almost bedtime. The food baby I created over dinner is begging me to lie down. For now, check out this clip of a foxy FOX anchorwoman losing her cool when Judy Bachrach from Vanity Fair pointed out the $40 million dollar price-tag for the Presidential Balls. "...gee that prayer service sure will keep them safe and warm in their flimsy vehicles in iraq..."

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