Monday, October 18

We are where we are because of the chimp

Ok, so of the three MAJOR stories Drudge mentioned last night, only one has an active link pointing to a valid news site. People in Florida have been reporting incomplete absentee ballots, AND a few of the touch-screen voting robots crashed. This is going to be an amazing few weeks. As for the developing exclusive about Jon Stewart, I'll just put it all here, in its entirety, because it's ridiculous. Of course his Crossfire appearance would be painted as unhinged and belligerent. JON STEWART 'DAILY SHOW' IN SURPRISE AUDIENCE -- DROP Sun Oct 17 2004 20:30:24 ETCOMEDY CENTRAL's 'DAILY SHOW' has experienced surprise audience erosion -- despite a publicity push by host Jon Stewart.Stewart, who announced last week that he plans to support John Kerry, pulled 1,040,000 total viewers for the month of September -- down 7% from August, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.Jumbo hype from media writers and a bestselling book apparently have failed to translate into any TV audience improvement. MORE CNN editors were busy this weekend cleaning up a transcript from Stewart's Friday appearance on CROSSFIRE. One CNN executive called Stewart's performace "belligerent."During the live program, Stewart slammed host Tucker Carlson: "You're as big a dick on your show as you are on any show."The awkward exchange came at the end of an 8 minute segment between Stewart, Carlson and co-host Paul Begala.

I wonder where he gets the inside scoop? I wonder if he's had to do the nasty with skeezy Beltway Heathers (The DC press corps clique, typified by an obnoxious in-crowd behavior. A reference to the film Heathers)?
As for those poor SOB's that refused to take fuel that might have been contaminated to Baghdad (in an unarmored vehicle), the military is still trying to decide whether they're in trouble or not. It only makes sense that they be punished for refusing a virtual suicide mission.

God Bless America, motherfuckers.

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