Monday, October 18

I'll bet the Pope would have signed it.

This week, 250 global leaders and 85 heads of state endorsed a statement that would ensure every woman's right to an education, proper health care, and the freedom to make choices about childbearing. The plan originated at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo, 10 years ago. In a draft created in 1994, one of the provisions read: "the world's governments and civil society committed to an action plan to ensure universal access to reproductive health information and services, uphold fundamental human rights including sexual and reproductive rights, alleviate poverty, secure gender equality, and protect the environment." George Bush refused to sign the statement because it made references to a woman's 'sexual rights,' a term that has no true definition in the international community. Things are really looking up, my friends. This jackass and his administration are now letting their "faith" get in the way of women's rights. I don't see how anyone can possibly be surprised, as Bush blocked 34 million in cogressionally approved assistance to the United Nations Population Fund. Whatever. I need a drink.

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