Wednesday, October 20

no links today.....really

I'm back from the Seattle stop in Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising tour. I am not disappointed. I am not a blind follower of the Moorevolution. I think he's done an amazing job mobilizing the lazy arm of the Democratic party, and I know he made F-911 because he actually gives a shit about what happens to our country. The thousands of people that showed up and showed thier support for media reform, the Democratic party, and accountability in the Bush administration were enough to convince me that this country is indeed on the path to a better America. Eddie Vedder opened up the event with three acoustic numbers, including "Masters of War," by Bob Dylan. I got to thinking about high school, when I was a huge Pearl Jam fan, and I remembered the first week of my freshman year at ENHS. That was the year I met Eric Solis, the ornery punkrocker with lots to say. He was friends with Ralphus Cox, one of my favorite people from my 4 years of high school hell. I had the biggest crush on the both of them because they listened to good music, looked ackward, and wore ironic t-shirts to class. One day, during our biology class, Eric saw this folder I'd made whilst in junior high. It was Cobain-themed and he wanted it. He gave me some magazine with Vdder pictures and a copy of a bootleg Pearl Jam concert. We were insta-friends. Needless to say, I kind of dropped Eddie and the boys after the Vitalogy album, but everytime I think of Pearl Jam, I think of Eric. (whenever i listen to speed metal, i think of ralph) He's away now....I don't know where, but I'm guessing he's in Iraq. It fucking sucks and I hope he's OK. That being said, I think Michael Moore did a great job this evening. I will write more tomorrow, when I'm not so tired. Goodnight, all. -denise

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