Tuesday, October 19

let the shitstorm begin...

Andrea Mackris has surely braced herself for the personal attacks, heresay, and Fox-retribution after filing suit against Bill O'Reilly last week. An "ex-pal," whatever that means, has made a public statement saying that she'd always had a crush on Bill, and that her intentions were to write a tell-all book.....because it's that easy to take down Fox News and its highest ratest "news" guy. Then there's the issue of Marc Balestrieri, a lawyer in Los Angeles that's trying to get John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Tom Harkin, Susan Collins, and Mario Cuomo excommunicated from the Catholic church because they're pro-choice politicians. Mr. Balestrieri heads a conservative, non-profit Catholic group called De Fide.

DE FIDE is a non-profit association founded specifically to use every available means of Canon Law to defend the Faith and Church from Heresy and other grievous crimes. To accomplish its mission, DE FIDE initiates lawsuits in Ecclesiastical Court to protect the rights of the faithful and unbaptized. The Association consists of a consortium of premier Canon Law experts around the world who work in tandem to achieve this goal.On 14 June 2004 DE FIDE filed its first Libellus Litis (Bill of Complaint) in the Ecclesiastical Court of the Archdiocese of Boston. The Criminal Complaint alleges that United States Senator JOHN F. KERRY, as a baptized Catholic, has committed a court-martial offense under Canon Law by professing the Right-to-Murder heresy, commonly known as the "Right to Choose" doctrine.

I don't recall a time when I've been this disappointed in what other Catholics are doing with their time, especially when it's as politically motivated as this. Had they been a beacon for calling out excommunicados, maybe I'd understand. The fact that this is all coming out a few weeks before the elections, during a time when people really are undecided, I'd say it's bullshit. I guess I've been excommunicated. 7:05, time for work.

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