Thursday, July 8

we report, we decide

My friends and neighbors have recently become concerned about my talk-radio addiction. I like both sides of the argument, and if that means taking a few hours out of my workday to listen to the bile that spews forth from Sean Hannity and his ilk, so be it. Usually, I start off with the Rusty Humphries Show on KVI 570. This morning, he was hitting up the Drudge CANT KEEP THEIR HANDS OFF EACHOTHER headline-point. "How about Kerry and Edwards being all over each other, doing everything but French-kissing? ...they're trying to appeal to the gay community." Other notable talk-moments: RUSH: Cheney's negatives are nothing more than leftist media-bashing. BILL O'REILLY: The ACLU is the most dangerous, fascist organization around right now, with the exception of a few, small, KK outfits scattered around the country. Oh...and O'Reilly wants to make sure everyone picks up one of his BOYCOTT FRANCE bumperstickers. They make a great gift, you know...

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