Wednesday, July 7

...and they sent him out to war to be slain, to be slain

With the exception of the ultra-right and the evangelical set, are there really people out there who get riled up by charges that political candidates are LEFT OF TED? The Boston Herald seems to be a hack job for the conservative crowds. Just today, they've blasted John Edward's youthful charm and southern charisma going head-to-head with Dick Cheney's experience and gravitas. They've also run an op-ed about his wife, calling her the anti-Hillary and making reference to Teresa Heinz-Kerry's East Coast elitist ways. Drudge put up a link to the 23 page Edwards attack run by the Republican National Committee. I tried to read the entire thing, but couldn't handle all the different font-sizes and Repub-rhetoric. The headlines are very Drudge-ish. It wouldn't surprise me if Matt Drudge was getting a few kickbacks by being a mouthpiece for the GOP. BURIED IN THE PAPER NEWS: -The 9-11 Commission has reiterated the fact that they could find no evidence of Iraq/Al-Queda ties. Cheney fought back, claiming that perhaps the commission didn't have full access to various documents on the subject, but the panel members came to the conclusion that they all had the same information.

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