Monday, June 7

REAGAN HATERS UNITE: PALAST: 'KILLER, COWARD, CON-MAN GOOD RIDDANCE, GIPPER ... MORE PROOF ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG'... THAT was one of Drudge's headlines. So ridiculous, that Matt Drudge. Granted, Palast's attack should have come....after the funeral, perhaps? Maybe that's just me... Air America did a great job all day criticizing the Reagan administration, while still showing some reverence for the dead. I don't see why everyone's expected to just sit back and listen to all of the shiny, happy tributes to The Great Communicator. In other news, there's a purported Al-Queda statement that mentions an attack on "westerners." Of course... On the fluffier side of the news, David Hasselhoff was arrested!!!

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