Friday, June 11

Ave, Maria...

I'm a softie, I'll admit it. I may not wave an American flag, and I may disagree with everything Bush and his current administration have done to our country, but sometimes.....and only sometimes, I'm a sucker for tradition. Ronald Reagan didn't do much for me, or my parents for that matter, but he's dead now, and damn if I didn't shed a tiny, Texas tear for the man. He died of a horrible disease, and I feel sorry for his wife and family. That being said, I should mention that the appearance of the general public, the common men and women, the reagan-lovers....sullied the entire ceremony. Crowds of people lined the street as his remains were being transported to the national cathedral. They brandished garish umbrellas, they checked the displays of their digi-cams, they wore tennis shoes and shorts, and yes, even brought their beloved pets...for the world to see. That's why we're such a joke to so many other countries. That's why people laugh at us now, we the baudy Americans. Enough about Reagan...Ray Charles is dead too, and I'm nursing a post-celebratory hangover. The funeral has pretty much shadowed everything else that's happening around us. It's a perfect time for the current administration to fuck up....and they have.

State Dept. Understated Terrorism Attacks

Rep. Henry A. Waxman, who had challenged the findings, said he was pleased that officials "have now recognized that they have a report that has been inaccurate, and based on the inaccurate information they tried to take self-serving political credit for the results that were wrong." Yeah. You tell 'em, Waxman... In other news, Brigitte Bardot has once again proven to be a complete asshole. ...and a volcano erupted in Indonesia. And this, from Neal Pollack's Pray for Reason page: God, please give us the grace and wisdom to understand the true purposes of those who would pervert Your name to serve their selfish political ends. Give all humanity the strength to lead ourselves to true understanding, selfless love, and ultimately to peace. -Amen Amen, indeed.

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