Wednesday, April 14

"Well, let me step back and review my thinking, prior to going into Iraq..."

A majority of the NeoCons I listened to this morning (Rusty Humphries , Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly) all thought last night's conference was "refreshing," and that Bush was a "guy with guts," a "practical everyday American..." blah blah blah. "Smart intellectuals would say that the president didn't make the case," spouted Sean Hannity (who, coincidentally, thought Bush was "as refreshing as he could be"). Smart intellectuals?! Bill O'Reilly defended the Cheney/Bush joint-appearance in front of the commission with this: "If they testify separately and contradict themselves, the commission will call up the New York Times..." and the rest of the liberal media to call the president out on his lies. Isn't that the point of having them testify at different times? Rush Limbaugh thought it was a "slam-dunk, grand-slam homerun." Sure thing, Rush....take another pill, down a few shots of cheap whiskey and call back tomorrow, eh? Talking heads, talking heads. It's too easy to blame Clinton these days. It's too easy to say that "we cannot change the Commander in Chief at this point," like Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard, and it's too easy to say that the mainstream media are just a bunch of Bush-haters that will do anything to get him out of office. Well, yeah. After a while, I'm hoping people might figure out that our current administration is a BIG, FAT JOKE. The entire speech, and the "conference" that took place afterwards was just a messy conflagration of talking points that Bush probably rehearsed in front of Karl Rove and Condi Rice. This war isn't an essential factor in our homeland security, and it will continue to be sold to us, the American public, despite the fact that it was a war predicated on deceptions, distorted half-truths, and oily money. Register to vote. Register to vote. Register to vote. goodnight.

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