Wednesday, August 16

Pinches Mexicanos Terroristas!

Forgive my Spanish. I'm taking a language course this fall in hopes of not sounding like a dumb Texican. The Washington Post has a story up about the new Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee ad that features footage of two people (presumably Mexican) scaling a fence along the border along with images of Osama bin laden and North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Il. Naturally, the head of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly is outraged. Granted, there are plenty of Hispanic Democrats in a tizzy about this as well, but come on... Of course Republican Hispanics are going to raise a stink about this. Nevermind that a man from Afghanistan was caught this past Monday, illegaly crosing the Rio Grande River from Hidalgo. Nevermind Farid Ahmed, the woman apprehended in McAllen (2004) after her name was found on a terrorist watchlist. Nevermind that back in 2004, Congressman Solomon Ortiz (D-TX), together with Congressman Henry Bonilla (R-TX) sent a letter to President Bush protesting the government's policy of releasing illegal immigrants who are “Other than Mexican,” or “OTMs” into the general population of the United States. It just seems like a lot of hot air from Republicans who need something to bitch about since they can't really stand on any of their failed policies that have made our country less safe since 9-11.

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Powerslave105 said...

Had the ad had been Republican, the Democrat's outrage would've been the same.