Wednesday, June 14

Blogging About Bloggers?

Ok…to most, this will just be tedious commentary on last week’s blogtastic gatherings in Las Vegas, so skip past the photo at the end if you don’t give a flip…

There’s been an abundance of metaphorical stink-eye directed towards Ana Marie Cox (AMC)ever since her arrival at Yearly Kos in Nevada. Mrs. Cox is the proprietor of for those of you that currently reside in space hotels next door to Stephen Hawking. We’ll begin with Andy Axel of who totally left his sense of humor in one of the dank, caucus rooms at the Riviera:

I didn't think her blog was worth half a domestic Holstein's loaf. And now she's writing for Time? Gee, howdy. How did I miss Ana Marie Cox's transition to hatchet-wielding member of the DC media establishment? She was dispatched (presumably as a woman with some "blogging" experience) to Las Vegas to cover Yearly Kos, an effort directed at the netroots community. She had her own blog for a time, although repetitive and gratuitous references to marginal sexual practice * pretty much undermined whatever credibility that she might have as a serious news source. But, apparently, she thinks she's all growns up now. And apparently, her bosses think so, too. Fisking to follow... As the men behind the nation's two most influential liberal blogs — and — Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and Duncan Black draw interested stares, small crowds and quiet, admiring gossip from the bloggers, lurkers and activists gathered here at the Riviera. They are the Brangelina of Yearly Kos. And by invoking the spectre of "Brangelina" in the first graf of this outing, you know you can pretty much safely ignore every single thing that comes after. Why reduce the news of the Yearly Kos to a tabloid soundbite? Of course, it's because she can, now that she's one of the Kewl Kids at the Kool-Aid table. And the message is, of course: "Blogging: Unserious News."

Um…first of all, is it too much to ask that bloggers stop using any of the following words in their posts: fisking , Kewl Kids, Kool Kids, Kool-Aid, DC media establishment, Repugs, & snark? Alright. Moving on…with absolutely no sense of humor when it comes to self-deprication, ass-fucking and/or the jocks table in the cafeteria that is the blogosphere. The extent to which these otherwise “serious” bloggers overreact to AMC's coverage of the event boggles (bloggles?) the mind. I must have missed the big Ana’s-a-part-of-the-MSM banquet. Did everyone enjoy the Jeff Gannon ice sculpture slash vodka shooter tastefully carved into his now famous Barberini pose? If my blog got over 100K hits a day, I suppose I’d be annoyed, too. She landed a job with TIME, got a book deal, & parties with the DC elite. This means she’s now a shill for the administration that would rather hang out with the douche-chills from Instapundit as opposed to tinfoil hat-making Kossacks. (Seriously!) The misdirected pile-on has inevitably led to not-so-thinly-veiled sexism and general asshole-ness in comment logs and precious liberal blog-space whining about her unfair observations.
**Ezra Klein took time out of his schedule to answer a rhetorical question posed by AMC because that's what we expect from The American Prospect blog. **Trex over at Firedoglake, which is the place to get news/analysis of Plamegate, took the time to write a hilarious (and by hilarious, I mean it’s a predictable attempt at satire that’s soooo not funny) post in which she transcribes Ana Marie’s missing notebook. **Jane Hamsher, also of the Firedoglake blog went from zero to humorless liberal bitch in THIS post, where she refers to AMC as a “drunken public slag” that had previously “teetered through the crowd on a pair of spindly legs shown to ill-effect in a set of shorts I’d seen on the markdown rack at Barneys.” Um…what? Criticizing a DC gossip columnist for being a DC gossip columnist by posting the same kind of bitchy crap you claim to hate so much makes zero sense…but whatevs, bring on Teh Snark or something. *Yawn Get the fuck over yourselves y'all. I absolutely love reading posts from the aforementioned bloggers, but they should stick to blogging about the things they know best. If you can't handle a little somethin' somethin' from Wonkette, what makes you think you can handle the feces that will inevitably be flung in the upcoming elections? I'd like to thank AMC for bringing the truth about ass-fucking and of course, for Butterstick. Sweet, sweet Butterstick. Ana Marie Cox's musings on YearlyKos can be found HERE. In other news, Crony McSnowjob and Sweet Lips Barlett reporting for duty!

This is what it's like to be so white it hurts. ...all the way down to your core, yo.

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Andy said...

Whoa. A touch, perhaps?

Y'know, I never liked Ana Marie's tittering schtick about teh [sic] butt sex, dick jokes, and rather insipid drivel about her Blackberry addiction. Talk about *yawn.*

And now that she's working for Time Magazine, it seems readily apparent that she is all too willing to ape the self-same, thin gruel disguised as "news" that has been the hallmark of DC meta-pundits, from Dana Milbank to Frank Rich to Margaret Carlson to Maureen Dowd to Instapundit to Andrew Sullivan. Cox knows how to get her bread buttered (and no, there's no slagging double-entendre intended there). With characterizations of the hoots and howls and stomps of the Kos crowd (I watched much of the proceedings on TiVo), she appears overly eager to, well, prove something. And she's doing it by slagging the same stock from which her "career" arose.

(Have you read her book, by the way?)

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I feel honored to be thought of in the same category as Ezra Klein and FDL.

denise said...

Where I come from, butt sex and dick jokes are still funny...especially when one is able to insert the aforementioned topics in a conversation about politics.

I recently aquired a Treo 650 and have resisted all compulsions to blog about my addiction. (True!)

The difference between AMC and the rest of the "meta-pundits" you mentioned is that they're all self-proclaimed Journalists With Something To Say(or something). She's the same old Wonkette, except she writes in complete paragraphs now, not bulleted blurbs.

She doesnt' try to hide her agenda, if one could even call it that. DC gossip columnist, not liberal netrootian. That's her thing...she's good at it.

PS-I'm a new reader on your site. Good job.