Thursday, April 27

While there is no "i" in "team," there is both a "me" and an "i" in "media."

Check out Pink's live version of Dear Mr. President.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea that you had a blog. You always seem to have very insightful comments on all the other blogs. Thanks for being fair and standing up to others that have questionable ethics.

Leonardo Camarillo, Jr.

gash26 said...

hey compadre whats up? since I don't know how to best get a hold of you I'll just post this here.

here's a link to an pretty good article on Bush's Signed Statements

what's i find amusing is that everyone is acting as if this was something new, sad really

gash26 said...

seriously, you need an e-mail link, ;-P

Signing Statements II

David A. Diaz said...

Hello, Denise,

I hadn't seen your website in a while, but I do see your regular postings in blogs down here in South Texas.

(I also agree with Leonard Camarillo, Jr's. assessments about your work posted at 1:16 p.m.)

I am very impressed with all the slick "bells and whistles" you have been adding to your site. The posting of the video is a pretty smooth move. You have truly developed a multi-media enterprise.

This internet revolution has really empowered people to the point that freedom of the press no longer applies to only those who own the press.

I will be revisting your website much more often. I am sure I will continue learning from your readers and their comments, as well as from your perspectives.

Congratulations on this outstanding product, and for opening my eyes to different and better ways to publish in the digital world.


David A. Diaz