Thursday, March 23

A quick gripe

I try to do my part from time to time in the form of donations to social organizations as well as political cadidates. This year, I've made small contributions to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Howard Dean and the DNC, Ciro Rodriguez, the Sierra Club, the ACLU and the National Organization for Women. I don't mind these organizations sharing my address with like-minded groups, but please, for the love of Christ stop trying to get me to pay for a fucking stamp when I'm sending you money. The envelopes provided are almost always marked as pre-paid postage, but there's always a little note that says you'd be helping the cause by dishing out the .39 cents. Today, I recieved a little packet from the Center for Reproductive Rights that had a little note (in computer-cursive) that read : "Your stamp will help ensure reproductive freedom for you and your family." I have half a mind to send them a book of stamps if it means solving the reproductive debate once and for all.

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