Wednesday, February 15

Wednesday Fun'ns

Did anyone know that today was Abstinence Day on the Hill?!?!! Tony Perkins, of the Family Research Council proclaimed it...and it was so.

Representatives Ernie Istook (R-OK) and Lee Terry (R-NE) addressed more than 100 abstinence educators and teens in the racially diverse crowd. Our friend, Claude Allen, White House Domestic Policy Advisor, also encouraged the group. Following this morning's activities, the young people who were in attendance enthusiastically headed off to speak to members of Congress about supporting abstinence education.

I'm glad the crowd was racially diverse. It just goes to show that us brown folk aren't just fuckin' in the streets, leaving babies in trashcans in our wake. We too can abstain with the palest of them. Check out some of Stephen Colbert's steamy fanfic, "Shorts Weather." A preview:

"Looks like the only thing failing to spin in this zone are the rotors on our air conditioner, eh O'Reilly?" deadpans Stephen, focusing his trademark stare squarely on O'Reilly's quivering eyes. But O'Reilly can't meet his gaze - to him, the shorts are like a car accident, in all the right ways.

Sweeeeeeet. See y'all tomorrow.

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