Tuesday, January 24

Pack of Three

Sonic Youth has been my Tuesday soundtrack:
I got a Catholic block - It's around my head. I got a Catholic block - It's blood orange red I got a Catholic block - Do you like to fuck? I got a Catholic block - Guess I'm out of luck
E.J. Dionne is my Tuesday Crush-On-A-Wonk:

What Democrats should have learned is that they cannot evade the security debate. They must challenge the terms under which Rove and Bush would conduct it. Imagine, for example, directly taking on that line about Sept. 11. Does having a "post-9/11 worldview" mean allowing Bush to do absolutely anything he wants, any time he wants, without having to answer to the courts, Congress or the public? Most Americans -- including a lot of libertarian-leaning Republicans -- reject such an anti-constitutional view of presidential power. If Democrats aren't willing to take on this issue, what's the point of being an opposition party?

Senator Ben Nelson has regained his spot in my heart...my Tuesday-heart:

Nelson, who likely will come under Republican attack for his ''no'' vote, underscored in a statement that he has voted ''for almost all'' of Bush's judicial nominees. But, Nelson, who met privately with Alito last week, said Alito's ``many legal writings, judicial opinions and evasive answers both at his hearing and in our private meeting, convinced me he would tilt the scales of justice in favor of big government over the average person.

(He was the only YES vote, as of Monday...)

More later. I swear.

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