Friday, June 24

Friday News

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) - A suicide car bomber and gunmen ambushed a convoy carrying female U.S. Marines in Fallujah, killing two Marines and leaving another four American troops presumed dead, the military said Friday. At least one woman was killed and 11 of 13 wounded were female. The terror group al-Qaida in Iraq claimed it carried out the bombing, one of the single deadliest attacks against the Marines - and against women - in this country. The high number of female casualties spoke to the lack of any real front lines in Iraq, where U.S. troops are battling a raging insurgency and American women soldiers have taken part in more close-quarters combat than in any previous military conflict.


In other violence Friday: - An Iraqi reporter working for an American news organization was shot and killed in Baghdad by U.S. troops after he apparently did not respond to a shouted signal from a military convoy, witnesses said. The military had no comment.

And finally, listen to the mini-roundtable with Al Franken, Katherine Lanpher, Joe Conason and Ed Klein. They discussed just a few of the inaccuracies and outright lies in Ed's new book about Hillary Clinton.

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