Monday, May 2

Oh man, look at those cavemen go!

Media Matters never fails to deliver at least one (or 100) daily outrages: Tonight, ABC will air a commercial promoting James Dobson's craptastic Focus On the Family organization. This is the same network that refused to air the United Church of Christ commercial this past December because it was "too controversial." The UCC commercial was promoting the church's open-door policy towards homos, people of color, and the handicapped. I'll bet they let in out-of-control members of the judiciary, the bastards. Meanwhile, over in crazy-land, Jonah Goldberg's editorial last week in USA today drew some sharp criticism from Editor & Publisher. Read them both. I've reported, you decide. Hold The "Missing White Woman" Stories, Please from Buzzflash Evolution on trial in Kansas And Drudge is yapping about American Idol. Oy.

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